Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Operation Grenada Child 2016!

Look How Our Grenada Babies Have Grown!

Operation Grenada Child needs your help to make sure every child, no matter how poor or what circumstances they come from, has a gift this Christmas. 

So much has happened in the past year that we can pause and be thankful for. In Grenada, the Limes After School Program has grown, improved and the children are doing great things. We hope to share some of these great accomplishments with you as the month goes on.
As we work with these precious children, we hope to give them the feeling of love and peace that they might not get anywhere else.

We are thankful for the opportunity these kids have been given to thrive.

However, many of these beautiful and bright children spend their days just thankful for another meal or one more day of school. This year we hope to again give them a Christmas to remember.
Operation Grenada Child aims to provide the children in the Limes After School Program with shoeboxes filled with small surprises to light up their beautiful eyes and nurture the true meaning of Christmas in our own hearts.
The Limes program, run by the Significant Others Organization of St. George's University, gives at-risk and underprivileged kids a place where they can feel safe, loved and academically supported. Three days a week volunteers help with homework, mentor and play games.
But once a year, we have an opportunity to give these children something a little extra.
Would you consider filling a shoe box with Christmas presents for children who might not receive gifts otherwise?

Boxes need to be on their way by November 1, 2016.

Sign up here to provide a shoebox filled with gifts for a child. We need shoeboxes for both boys and girls ages:
  • 2-5
  • 6-10
  • 11 and up
To make things fair for the children, please do not spend more than $20 on the contents of your box. Here are some easy instructions for sending your gift.
We will be posting pictures and videos of the children so you can get to know their wonderful personalities. Please include a note of love and encouragement or your address if you would like them to write back.
Operation Grenada Child has continued to grow over the years and given us an opportunity to attract troubled kids to the Limes After School program who otherwise would not seek out the academic or emotional support we offer.
This year we need 40 boxes for boys, 40 boxes for girls and 10 boxes that can be gender-neutral. Please label the box with the printable slip provided here. They will be wrapped with love by the directors of the Limes program in Grenada.
If you would like to help with shipping costs, you can slip $5 or $10 into the box.
On behalf of the Limes kids and ourselves, thank you for your generosity!